The Chakradhar Hospitals Wellness Center stands for the best in preventive and predictive healthcare: Health Check packages to suit every requirement, a warm and friendly staff, expert technicians, doctors who want to listen to you, support staff such as dietitians, nurses and guides who strive to make your health check experience as seamless and happy as possible!

At the Chakradhar Hospitals Wellness Center we recognize the lifestyle ailments that most urban people are at risk of, including diabetes, joint and spinal issues, heart diseases, hypertension, digestive illnesses, liver, lung and kidney conditions, weight and stress related concerns.

We know you care about maintaining good health and that you want the best for yourself and your family. At the Chakradhar Hospitals Wellness Center, we make every effort to help you collect accurate information about what’s going on inside your body, so that you can prevent the onset of diseases and live your best life!

Here’s a quick look at what the Chakradhar Hospitals Wellness Center has to offer:

  • A diverse range of health check packages to suit various age groups and medical needs: from basic assessments to details analysis
  • All checkups and procedures are conducted using the latest technology, manned by experts: doctors, technologists, radiologists and phlebotomists
  • Special Wellness packages for women of various age groups
  • Home collection (optional) of early morning samples
  • Customized corporate and industry-specific packages
  • Alternative therapies are also available

Let us at Chakradhar Hospitals Wellness Center be a part of your journey towards excellent and vibrant health! Check out our Wellness packages and call us for an appointment. You can also book a slot right here on our website