patient-discharge Once the patient is advised discharge by the treating consultant, it takes minimum three hours for cash paying patient and four hours for company paying credit patient to complete the discharge formalities. In case of Insurance covered patients the timing may be more depending on the approval received from the Insurance/TPA.

Once you clear the final bill, the Ward Secretary/Nurse in charge will hand over the discharge docket consisting of discharge summary and reports of all your investigations carried out during your stay at the hospital. This card gives the summary of your medical condition and management during hospitalization. It will contain instructions for your medication to be taken post discharge and follow-up details.

In case of an insurance patients, please note the original reports/discharge summary is submitted to your TPA, hence the hospital will hand over a photocopy of the same to the patient.

In case a patient requires original film of X-Ray/CT Scan/MRI/USG, the same will be on chargeable basis.

Patients/relatives are requested to vacate the room/bed immediately once the discharge formalities are completed.